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Quiz 1Patient Pain Quiz

Tired of tolerating chronic neck or back pain? Want to discover immediate relief? Our user-friendly Patient Pain Quiz was personalized to help you achieve workable solutions to all of your spine needs. Access our brief but comprehensive quiz to:

  • Identify and articulate your symptoms
  • Analyze your pain against the criteria for common (and complex) disorders of the spine
  • Assess your treatment history – We’ll discuss what worked… and what didn’t.
  • Determine the most effective and enjoyable treatments for you

At the Advanced Spine Center, we believe that every patient deserves the right to personalized, compassionate, and minimally invasive care. To embark upon your customized recovery process, click on the “Patient Pain Quiz” heading above in the dark blue bar.

Quiz 2Patient Symptom Quiz

Need help connecting all the dots? Our Patient Symptom Quiz can help you make sense of common (and not-so-common!) symptoms of spine pain or nerve dysfunction.

Suspect that all the warning signs could point to a particular condition, such as Sciatica? Spinal Stenosis? Or a Herniated Disc? To find out if your symptoms meet the diagnostic criteria for any of these disorders (or a different condition of the spine), click on the “Patient Symptoms Quiz” heading above in the dark blue bar.

Quiz 3Patient Treatment Quiz

Ready to optimize your recovery & select the best treatments for you? With a diverse selection of treatments from which to choose—from conservative interventions like pain management to minimally invasive solutions like decompression procedures or fusionless surgeries—our Patient Treatment Quiz will match your medical needs to a customized course of treatments.

Click on the “Patient Treatment Quiz” heading above in the dark blue bar to learn which treatments and therapies our Top Doctors recommend for you.

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