Can Laser Spine Surgery relieve my neck or back pain?

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Can Laser Spine Surgery relieve my neck or back pain?

Laser Spine Surgery: Overview, Advantages, & Eligibility Criteria

Laser Spine Surgery is a leader in the pack among progressive options for spine surgery. The word laser is an acronym that expands to Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. In simpler terms, this means that the heat emitted by a concentrated beam of light can be used to dissolve painful issues and damaged materials in the spine.

During laser spine surgery, your physician will use small, puncture-sized incisions to enter the body through the back. Using fine, tube-shaped instruments, your doctor will bypass the strong muscles and ligaments in your back. Employing an endoscope to visualize the targeted areas, your surgeon will carefully aim the laser at the materials for removal. The heat from the light, which can be programmed to different levels of intensity, will burn away any of the damaged tissues. Especially successful when used in conjunction with other surgical procedures, laser spine surgery is an effective option for treating nerve pain.

Advantages of Laser Spine Surgery

Laser spine surgery offers a multitude of surgical benefits and is especially beneficial when used in conjunction with other techniques. Some of the advantages of this procedure include the following:

  • Small, puncture-sized incisions result in less pain and less external scarring
  • Precision instruments result in little to no damage to muscle, ligaments, and surrounding tissues
  • Your surgeon can almost always perform laser spine surgery as a same-day procedure
  • A minimally invasive approach allows for less tissue disruption and quicker recovery times

Our team at the Advanced Spine Center of New Jersey is adept at performing the latest state-of-the-art and minimally invasive procedures. Despite increased complexity for the surgeon, the benefits of minimally invasive procedures for the patient are significant. Laser spine surgery is just one of the many advanced techniques that our team of board certified surgeons has mastered. To schedule an appointment with one of our Top Doctors and receive sophisticated solutions to your back pain, contact us at (973) 538-0900.

Eligibility Requirements for Laser Spine Surgery

If you are experiencing the negative side effects of nerve or disc damage, then laser spine surgery may be a beneficial option for you. Individuals with neurological damage may experience the following symptoms: localized nerve pain; radiating pain down the arms or legs; numbness or tingling in the extremities; or progressive muscle weakness. Many common conditions of the spine—such as bulging or herniated discs, spondylolisthesis, and osteoarthritis—can lead to permanent nerve damage. When irreversible nerve damage is at the root of your pain, laser nerve ablation can permanently interrupt pain signals that travel from “screaming” nerves to the brain.

Keep in mind, however, that if your spinal nerve pain is caused by damage to several spinal segments instead of one, then laser spine surgery may not be helpful for you. Laser spine surgery boasts the best results when your doctor targets only one area of the spine.

Conditions Treated

Bulging or Herniated Discs Bulging or herniated disc protrude outward, impinging upon the space reserved for spinal nerves. Leading to permanent nerve damage, pain and numbness can ensue. Laser spine surgery is often recommended to remove damaged disc material when extreme precision is needed.
Pinched Strains & Sprains When muscular strains or ligament sprains result in pinched nerves with irreversible nerve damage, laser spine surgery is needed to deaden nerve pain at the site of inflamed tissue. Your surgeon may recruit a laser to dampen pain signals or extract problematic tissues.
Failed Back Syndrome Failed back surgeries result in an accumulation of scar tissue that can grow into the spinal canal and strangle spinal nerves. When spinal nerves are classed as permanently dysfunctional, laser spine surgery can be used to burn away these pain-generating nerves.
Lower Back Pain Low back pain (or lumbar radiculopathy) is often caused by pinched nerves in the lumbar spine. When neurological symptoms are unresponsive to more conservative treatments, laser spine surgery may be recommended to restore a patient’s quality of life.
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